“Society on the move: Socio-cognitive and historical aspects of human interaction”

Founding conference of the Centre for Socio-Cognitive Studies
11-12 April, 2017

Capturing the dynamics of social variability is one of the major foci of the current social and cultural research. In particular, this includes issues such as adaptation and integration strategies and mechanisms at the individual and group level, biological and social underpinnings of various behavioral patterns of human interaction as well as possibilities and limitations of the institutional management of these processes, with respect to historical contexts and parallels.

The founding conference of the Centre for Socio-Cognitive Studies is dedicated to the complexity of various aspects of social variability from a multidisciplinary perspective. The key topic of the conference concerns verbal and non-verbal human communication as a platform for the study of varying social and discursive conditions, communicative diversity and variability, (un)successful adaptation strategies and the very nature of human behavior in the socio-cognitive and historical context. Given the fundamental cross-disciplinary nature of the key topics, we welcome contributions from linguists, social scientists, as well as historians.

April 11-12, 2017

Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague